Why is Instagram Asking for My Birthday?

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Instagram has recently introduced a lot of privacy changes to its application to make it a safe platform for users. These policies are becoming more strict day by day as one of its employees has leaked important personal information about its users, which brought many allegations against the company.

So, if you are worried about why Instagram is asking for your birthday, this is one of the reasons.

Why is Instagram Asking for My Birthday?

The reason why Instagram is asking for your birthday is that it has updated the user policies since 2019. If you have an account created after 2019 on Instagram, then you must provide your birthday details, as Instagram does not want any user below 13 years to use the platform.

In short, Instagram blocks sensitive data from young users. As a part of it, it has brought the birthday policy on its platform.

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What Happens If You Are Less Than 13-Years Old?

If you are less than 13 years or if you have entered the wrong birthday details on Instagram, Instagram is likely to keep your account on hold. Sometimes, it also throws a popup You’re Not Old Enough to Use Instagram.

In certain scenarios, Instagram might ask you to provide your ID proof as well to verify your date of birth. If it is found to be wrong data, then your account will be deleted from the Instagram database.

Can People See My Birthday on Instagram?

Unlike Facebook, people cannot see your birthday on the Instagram handle. You can hide the birthday from being visible on your bio.


In conclusion, Instagram wants to provide a safe experience to the users on its platform. Hence, it has come up with certain policies like asking the users for their birthday information.

If you are less than the age of 13, creating an account on Instagram is strictly prohibited, as there might be certain sensitive information that you must not be consuming.