How to Download Private Reels From Instagram?

How to Find Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels (1), What does SFS mean on instagram and Snapchat? How to Download Private Reels From Instagram?
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Have you been wanting to download private reels from Instagram for future reference or inspiration to grow your Instagram account? It is common for anyone to feel like downloading reels from Instagram if it grabs their attention.

In this article, we have provided some working solutions that can help you download private reels from Instagram.

How to Download Private Reels From Instagram?

Before you go ahead with the process, you need to understand that you must be a follower of that private account to download the private reels from Instagram.

If you are a follower, then go ahead with the process outlined below.

Ways to Download Instagram Private Reels on Desktop

If you want to add any colors or special effects to the reels, you should download them on your desktop. Whether you are using a Mac or a Windows system, you can use these online tools to download the private reels.

Some of the popular tools that you can try are:

To download the Instagram reels using these tools, follow the step-by-step process below:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram account and navigate to the reel you want to download.
  • Now, tap on the three dots you see on the bottom-left of the reel.
  • Here, you can find the ‘Copy Link’ option. Click on it.
  • Now, open any of the tools listed above and paste the link you have copied.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button to download the private reels.

Other Ways to Download the Instagram Private Reels on Mobile

Solution 1: Download the Instagram Reels Through Stories

If you don’t want to use any third-party tool to download the reels, you can try the stories option on Instagram. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram reel and then tap on the Send icon.

  • Now, select the option ‘Add Reel to Your Story.’

  • Pinch and zoom the video to download it in full screen.
  • Now, tap on the three dots in the top-right corner and select the ‘Save’ option.

Solution 2: Use Third-Party Apps

Android and iOS have multiple third-party apps in the app store that can help you download any reels instantly on your smartphone. You can try some of these apps from the app store:

Reels Downloader For Android:

  1. Reels Video Downloader 
  2. Video Downloader for Instagram by DevBay
  3. Video Downloader for Instagram by ETM

Reels Downloader For iOS:

  1. Instant Save
  2. InSaver

How to Use these Apps and Download the Reels on Smartphone?

You can download the reels on the smartphone by following the below process:

  • Firstly, open the reels you want to download.
  • Now, click on the three dots on the left side of the reel and click on the Copy Link option.
  • Now, go to any of the apps above (if you are using Android, select any of the three apps listed above. If you are using iOS, use any of the two apps above).
  • Paste the reel link you copied earlier and click on the Download button.

Solution 3: Use the Screen Recorder

You can also use the mobile screen recorder if none of the above solutions work. Fortunately, both iOS and Android have in-built screen recorders.


  • Firstly, open the reel you would like to record.
  • Now, swipe the screen from the top, and you can find the Screen Recorder option from the quick menu.
  • You can now find a popup with a red record button. Tap on it to start recording.
  • After the reel is finished, tap on the square icon to end the recording.


  • Open the Instagram reel you want to record.
  • Now, open the Control Center. There you can find the “Record” button to start the recording.

  • While recording the reels, you can find a red band on the top.
  • Once the reel is recorded, tap on the red record band to stop the recording.


You can follow any of the solutions mentioned above to download the private reels from Instagram.

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