How Many Hashtags You Can Use on Instagram?

How Many Hashtags You Can Use on Instagram (1)
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Instagram hashtags have always been under debate. If you are a business or a wannabe influencer, growing the views for your content should be the primary goal. However, to achieve that, you must know how many hashtags you can use on Instagram.

How Many Hashtags You Can Use on Instagram?

Usually, the official Instagram community says, using 3 or 5 hashtags can yield better results and can help your content reach a wider audience. However, not many people believe this.

If you can find the right set of hashtags, even 3-5 hashtags, as suggested by Instagram, can do wonders. However, we suggest you keep experimenting with the number of hashtags to identify what is bringing you better results.

Instagram generally suggests lesser hashtags so that your post looks genuine and not spammy. Using too many hashtags on your post will make it look spammy.

Experiment with the Hashtags

Create a List of 3 to 5 Hashtags

Make the first group of 3 to 5 hashtags that have your niche keywords and are also closer to your business idea. Now, start using these hashtags on the first day of your content posting.

Create a list of up to 15 hashtags

Now, create a second group of up to 15 hashtags. Make sure to check the competitor posts as well when doing this hashtags research. Post these hashtags along with the content on the second day.

Create a list of up to 30 hashtags

Since 30 hashtags is the maximum limit set by Instagram, we recommend you mix and match both generic and niche keywords in the hashtags. Now, use these keywords on the third day of content posting.

Now, keep repeating this process in the same order. After the third day, again, start posting content with the first set of hashtags.

How to Find Good Instagram Hashtags to Grow your Content Views?

Hashtag Generators

There are many hashtag generators available online. Try any of the free or paid tools to generate hashtags for your content. Make sure to filter out the unwanted hashtags from this list generated.

Instagram Explore

This is the best place you can find some relevant and trending hashtags. Check the top results and the keywords associated with those results.

Competitor Posts

This is the best way to find working Instagram hashtags. If these hashtags bring good engagement for your competitor’s content, it will surely work for you as well. 

If needed, you can also download the trending reels or Instagram posts from this site and then upload them (with a few modifications) with your own hashtags. This will also yield good results.


We hope this article has helped you identify the right ways to research Instagram hashtags to get more content views. Moreover, the number of hashtags you can use on Instagram can vary anywhere between 3 to 30. All you need to do is to experiment with a different set of hashtags and find what suits you the best.