How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram India 2023

Instagram blue tick India paid 2023
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“Blue Tick verification is available on Instagram through a paid monthly service. However, simple steps can be followed to obtain Blue Tick easily.”

If you’re an Instagram user and want a blue tick on your account, you’ll be happy to know that Meta has launched a Paid Verification Service in India. This service is available for both iOS and Android users, and it allows you to easily get that coveted blue tick on your profile.

Meta Verification is a new service that allows Instagram users to get verified with a government ID on both Instagram and Facebook. In addition to getting the blue checkmark on both platforms, Meta Verification also offers users a number of other powerful features, including:


Benefits of Blue Tick
1. Protection against impersonation
2. Proactive account monitoring
3. Two-Factor Authentication
4. Exclusive stickers for Instagram stories and reels
5. Access to 100 stars every month on Facebook
6. Support from a real person in case of account issues
7. Increased reach and visibility
8. Enhanced presence on search, comments, and recommendations


How to obtain a Blue Tick on Instagram (how to get a blue tick on Instagram)

Step Instructions
1 Open Instagram on your phone.
2 Click on your profile or profile picture.
3 Go to Settings, then navigate to Account Center.
4 Click on Meta Verified under Account Settings.
5 If Meta Verified is available for your account, you will see “Meta Verified available” below your name and profile photo. Select the profile for verification.
6 Open the list of available benefits and click on Next.
7 Confirm your payment and tap on Pay Now.
8 Upload your ID to complete the verification process.
9 Select the profile you want to verify.
10 Update the name on the profile and save it.
11 Select Next Step and then tap on Next.
12 Choose the type of identification and tap Next.
13 Confirm your identity and take a photo.
14 Verify the information and tap to proceed. If the information is incorrect, try again.
15 Insert the photo of the back of your ID by clicking it.
16 Confirm the information and click on submit.
17 The upload of your ID will take some time. Tap on Finish when it’s complete.

Instagram Paid Verification Price India

Monthly Subscription Rs 699
Android/iOS Same charge applies for both Android and iOS
Web Subscription Subscription price for the web will be announced soon