Advancement In Technology That Brought Revolution In Film Making

By w3toys.com 24 October 2023

As the years progressed technologies used in movies also became advanced. Let's see some revolutionary innovations in film making till date.

Technology In Film Making

This technology saved a lot of time of film makers as they can get quicker outputs than the CGI process.

Real Time Rendering

Cameras has always been the most important aspect of film making and it got better with time. Nowadays there are ultra fast motion capturing camera used in action movies


This process involves planning the scene in imagination before really filming it. It is commonly used in animation movies.

3D Previsualization

Use of green screen helped film makers to create creative scenes and effects and made the visuals even more appealing.

The Green Screen

These technologies not only saved time in film making but it also improved the quality of experience a true cinema fan can get.

Technology In Film Making

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