Longest Running Night Talk Shows In America Till Date- Checkout the top one's.

By w3toys.com 24 October 2023

Life would have been boring without having such amazing and enjoyable late night talk shows. Let's see the one's with the longest run.

Longest Night Talk Shows

The show began in year 1954 and is the longest running talk show with total 66 seasons. The show has been hosted by 6 hosts over the years.

The Tonight Show

The show was firstly introduced to the audience in 1982. The show had over 38 seasons and entertained the audience.

Late Night

The talk show started in 1983. The morning show was the previous name of the show which was replaced in year 1988.It had 33 seasons.


The show had total 27 seasons with the debut season in the year 1993. David Letterman was the first ever host for this talk show.

The Late Show

All these talk shows made people laugh and have some fun at late night along with their family members.

Longest Night Talk Shows

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