Some Of The Best Sports Biopics Made In Indian Cinema - Let's unveil them

By w3toys.com 24 October 2023

We'll be looking at some of the sports biopics created in Indian cinema which might be a treat for cinema lovers.

Best Sports Biopics

The story revolves around Sandeep Singh who was an Indian hockey player. He nearly touched death and made an comeback after it.


The story is about an retired football coach who teaches football to the boys living in slums. And make them qualify for the biggest football competition.


This movie is the story about the first ever cricket World Cup won by Indian cricket team back in year 1983.


This movie is the biography of former Indian player Ms Dhoni and his journey of becoming captain of Indian team and achieving many accomplishments.

Ms Dhoni : The Untold Story 

These movies can be an perfect treat for sports lovers and those who loves to watch motivational movies and similar cinema.

Best Sports Biopics

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