Sahil Khan's Ultimate Workout and Diet Plan: Workout and Diet Blueprint of Sahil

By w3toys.com 25 October 2023

In this webstory we are going to discover journey of Sahil Khan's workout and diet plan for our gym bros.

workout and diet plan

Starting with Monday his focus is on chest and abs in which he takes 6 to 8 exercise of four set each.

chest and abs

One Tuesday he trains legs and calves in which he also takes 6 to 8 exercise and 8 to 10 repetitions.

6 to 8 exercises

On Wednesday he trains back and side obliques while on Thursday he trains shoulder and have some cardio.


While on Friday he has legs and glutes and on saturday he trains by biceps and triceps of same repetition.

biceps and triceps

While his diet include eggs, oats, protein shake, chicken, rice, veggies, salmon, dry fruits and supplements.


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