Kylie Jenner's Stunning Cars Collection: Fleet of Luxury Automobiles in her garage

By w3toys.com 24 October 2023

Kylie Jenner's one of personal favourite and premium car pink Range Rover turns heads wherever she goes.

Range Rover

Symbol of power and extravagance Kylie Jenner's Ferrari 488 can be called as a true Masterpiece.

Ferrari 488

The timeless beautywith elegance Rolls-Royce is another car in the Kylie Jenner's car collection.


Kylie Jenner also has Tesla Model S which is sleek in design and do have modern and environment friendly interiors.

Tesla Model S

Another luxury and premium car which is owned by Kylie Jenner is none other than Mercedes-Benz Maybach.


Lamborghini Aventador, G-Wagon and Porsche 911 GT are some of the other cars owned by Kylie Jenner.