Hidden Gems On Netflix That You Might Not Have Heard Of - Have a look

By w3toys.com 25 October 2023

All of us enjoy watching different shows, movies and series on Netflix which are popular. Today we'll be looking at some hidden gems that are worth watching.

Hidden Gems On Netflix

This can be an perfect series to watch out this halloween as it is full of horror and mystery. It consists of total eight episodes.

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet Of Curiousities

The series is adopted from a comic book. The story revolves around a women who becomes an zombie after death. She becomes an crime investigator and solves many cases.


The story revolves around a girl who misses everything due to an eating disorder and now she wants to enjoy everything she missed but how is the story of the series.

Everything Now

This series revolves around two baddies who were friends but due to their desire to be number one they try to finish each other. And at end there can only be one 'Top Boy'.

Top Boy

These series are worth watching as they are not yet discovered by many of us. All of them have an interesting storyline and presentation.

Hidden Gems On Netflix

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